First Place Winner ($1000): “The Struggle for El Pueblo” by Joe Lavine and Chris Carson

Second Place Winner ($500): “The After War” by Giorgio Litt

Third Place Winner ($100): “Continue?” by Tony Weaver

Finalist: “Be Better Than Equal” by Alston Jones

Finalist: “White Boy Privilege” by Sheri Mann Stewart

Finalist: “Stakeholders” by Abby Mutic

Finalist: “Rickey’s Story” by Allison Krausman

Finalist: “Know the Reality, Fight the Reality” by Tori Hunter

Finalist: “Voices of the Street: Homelessness” by Terrence Flowers

Finalist: “Raddish” by Brent Lambert-Zaffino

Finalist: “Wake Up Atlanta: Asian Voter Turnout” by Kavi Vu