Beginning on August 15, 2017, Cause +Effect Progressive Film Festival will accept 2-15 minute films about poverty, homelessness, river pollution, gun violence and any other issue that affects Georgians. The festival is free to enter and the winning filmmaker will receive $1,000 cash and screen at the November festival in Athens.

For more films from the only Georgia-focused film festival go to the 2017 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival website

“We Farm Georgia,” the 2015 third prize winner ($100) tackles the importance of healthy local foods and sustainable farming.

Directed by Anthony Masterson and Christine Owen, the film shows a day on the farm of Latina farmer Gabby Montoya. While caring for her organic farm, Montoya discusses the ties between sustainable farming and her culture and identity.


Montoya explains, “I’m doing something to help my community, to help put these highly nutritious foods on their plate and to help them stay connected to what food really is.”

As farming has gotten more expensive, smaller family farms have given way to large agribusinesses, which often compromise the integrity of food for profit margins. However, as Montoya says in the film, “For me, it’s not about exploiting the land and getting as many vegetables out as you can, it’s more about taking care of the land.”

For more hard-hitting videos about Georgia issues, check out the Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival website.

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