Beginning on August 15, 2017, Cause +Effect Progressive Film Festival will accept 2-15 minute films about poverty, homelessness, river pollution, gun violence and any other political, environmental, economic or social justice issue that affects Georgians. The festival is free to enter and the winning filmmaker will receive $1,000 cash and screen at the November festival in Athens.

For more films from the only Georgia-focused film festival go to the 2017 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival website.

One 2016 Cause + Effect finalist chose to identify how weak gun laws contribute to higher gun violence and crime, while gun manufacturers continue to rake in massive profits. The music video directed by Will Thomas for Domingo Guyton’s song “Buss My Gun” focuses on how Georgia’s weak gun laws contribute to Georgia being part of the Iron Pipeline and how gun lobbyists and manufacturers are literally getting away with murder.

The “Iron Pipeline” refers to the route up the East Coast where guns are trafficked from states in the south with weak gun regulations to states in the north with tighter regulations.

Guyton’s video also specifically addresses race in the Iron Pipeline. The music video portrays a white CEO profiting from the loose regulations that allow his company’s guns to make it into communities of color. Guyton says, “Those guns didn’t get stolen they’re in the black market, so we can kill each other, Latino and Black targets.”

To see the other 2016 Cause + Effect finalists and to learn more about entering the 2017 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival, check out the Cause + Effect website.

If you’re passionate about a Georgia issues, such as poverty, homelessness, river pollution, teen depression or police brutality, consider making a film for the 2017 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival. The entry period starts August 15th. Cause + Effect is free to enter and the only Georgia-focused film festival.

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