Beginning on August 15, 2017, Cause +Effect Progressive Film Festival will accept 2-15 minute films about poverty, homelessness, river pollution, gun violence and any other political, environmental, economic or social justice issue that affects Georgians. The festival is free to enter and the winning filmmaker will receive $1,000 cash and screen at the November festival in Athens.

For more films from the only Georgia-focused film festival go to the 2017 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival website.

The 2016 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival 3rd place ($100) winner “Smallerton” focuses on waste reduction and the dangers of creating large amounts of trash. “Smallerton” was directed by Kate Balsley, an assistant professor of film at Georgia Gwinnett College.

“Smallerton” is an animated short film about two towns, Biggerton and Smallerton, that are situated next to each other. Smallerton is very waste-efficient but Biggerton creates tons of garbage. The film shows the dangers of creating too much garbage and gives the viewer suggestions about how to reduce and reuse to create less waste.

Garbage is a huge problem both in Georgia and the United States. According to the EPA, “In 2013, Americans generated about 254 million tons of trash, an individual waste generation of 4.40 pounds per person per day.” If we continue to create waste at this rate, we will soon run out of places to put it and continue to create unspeakable environmental and health hazards.

If you care about an issue like waste reduction, poverty, depression, homelessness or something else that affects communities inGeorgia, consider making a film about it. Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival provides a platform for Georgia filmmakers to tackle important political, environmental, economic and social justice issues facing their communities.

Cause + Effect encourages filmmakers to identify problems within Georgia and propose viable solutions. Cause + Effect believes that passionate filmmakers, their art and their audiences make up an important community dedicated to the betterment of our state.

Entry opens August 15 and Cause + Effect is free to enter. To see more videos like this one check out the Cause + Effect website.

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