Beginning on August 15, 2017, Cause +Effect Progressive Film Festival will accept 2-15 minute films about poverty, homelessness, river pollution, gun violence and any other political, environmental, economic or social justice issue that affects Georgians. The festival is free to enter and the winning filmmaker will receive $1,000 cash and screen at the November festival in Athens.

For more films from the only Georgia-focused film festival go to the 2017 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival website.

One finalist from the 2016 Cause + Effect film festival discussed Georgia’s treatment of veterans returning home. “Forgotten” directed by GSU film student and veteran Phillip Truett centers on a veteran who struggles with depression and alcoholism. The main character is having trouble adjusting to life after service and finds that society isn’t too concerned with providing a safety net for struggling servicemen and women.

Right now there are almost three thousand homeless veterans in Georgia. Nationwide, about 10 percent of homeless people are veterans. We need better ways to care for these men and women who give everything to defend our country. It’s unacceptable how little our country does to care for their physical and mental needs once they return.

At the end of the film, the narrator says, “What do you do when you leave your life and there’s no one there to remember you? …You’re just forgotten.” Truett’s film urges us not to allow ourselves to forget veterans.

For more films about hard-hitting issues, check out the Cause + Effect website. The Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival is free to enter and open to all ages and film genres. Learn more about about Cause + Effect here.

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