Beginning on August 15, 2017, Cause +Effect Progressive Film Festival will accept 2-15 minute films about poverty, homelessness, river pollution, gun violence and any other political, environmental, economic or social justice issue that affects Georgians. The festival is free to enter and the winning filmmaker will receive $1,000 cash and screen at the November festival in Athens.

For more films from the only Georgia-focused film festival go to the 2017 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival website.

The 2016 Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival finalist “Keeping Watch: Chattahoochee” introduces viewers to one of Georgia’s biggest environmental issues today. The film, directed by Hal Jacobs, documents a legal battle over the illegal dumping of carcinogenic chemicals into the Chattahoochee river.

In the film, American Sealcoat, an asphalt company, is knowingly dumping tons of chemicals into an offshoot of the Chattahoochee and refuses to take ownership or clean it up. This is still a huge problem in Georgia, everyday thousands of tons of chemicals get poured into Georgia waterways.

“Keeping Watch: Chattahoochee” director Hal Jacobs specializes in arts, nonprofits, higher education and oral histories and has done a few different projects centering on the Chattahoochee River.

For more films involving environmental issues, as well as many other issues facing Georgia today, check out the Cause + Effect website. If you or a filmmaker friend are considering entering your 2-15 minute film into the film festival, entry period opens August 15, 2017.

The Cause + Effect Progressive Film Festival is currently in its third year. In previous years, many different types of films have been entered, including documentaries, music videos, claymation, animation, and dramas. Click here for more information.

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