Christopher Everett is a writer, film director and film producer from Laurinburg, North Carolina. He has experience in film, graphic arts and marketing. He is a 2002 graduate of King’s College in Charlotte, North Carolina with a degree in Graphic Design & Graphic Arts. He recently directed his first feature-length documentary film entitled “Wilmington on Fire” which chronicles the 1898 Wilmington Massacre in Wilmington, North Carolina. The film has won numerous awards and has screened at several universities and film festivals such as the 2015 Cucalorus Film Festival, 2016 North Carolina Black Film Festival, 2016 Sankofa Film Festival, 2017 Pan African Film Festival and recently the 2017 Longleaf Film Festival in which “Wilmington on Fire” won ‘Best Historical Documentary Feature’. The film has also broken 2 film festival attendance records. It broke the attendance record in the 2015 Cucalorus Film Festival for ‘Most Attended Screening Ever’ in the film festival’s 21 year history and it broke the attendance record for the 2016 North Carolina Black Film Festival for ‘Most Attended Screening Ever’ in the film festival’s 15 year history. His production and distribution company Speller Street Films has recently acquired the distribution rights to the 2002 cult classic “As an Act of Protest.” Christopher Everett is currently restoring and remastering the film and has plans to release it on DVD and digital download in 2018.

Wilmington on Fire (synopsis): Rosewood has long been infamous, but Wilmington came first and was even more devastating in its effects. In 1898, Wilmington was North Carolina’s largest city, with a majority black population, a thriving black middle class, and a biracial Republican-Populist fusion government. On November 10, an armed mob of Democrat-backed white supremacists opened fire on African American neighborhoods, slaughtering hundreds and driving thousands out of the city for good. In a five-year passion project that consumed all his resources, director Christopher Everett amassed rare photographs, original research, and testimonies from historians and descendants of the victims to uncover a shocking event that marked a turning point in the politics of the post-Reconstruction South. Click here to read more about “Wilmington on Fire.” 
As an Act of Protest (synopsis): “As an Act of Protest” follows Cairo Medina, a young African American actor, who goes through a station-of-the-cross journey to find the meaning of his life and eradicate the racism and police brutality that continue to plague the world. Click here to read more about the power of and push for diversity brought by “As an Act of Protest.”